Okuma süresi: 2 dakika

Full crowd of dancers all around the stage and among audience. 5 horizontal parts of seats. Rosalind Crisp explains each of the groups of audience one by one what this is all about. Everyone gets different views about the story throughout the performance. The common thing about the individual movements, groups, lighting, even the event team is the flowing attitude, without any pauses; balancing each other, keeping the audience present. Dancers move with full presence, a strong and soft control of each small parts of their bodies in connection with whole. And the killer (ironically) element of the process is ‘breaths’; hearing the breaths of the dancers on solos. 4 solo are showed. (Celine Debyser, Sunniva Vikor Egenes, Max Fossati, Anna Nowicka. Smooth transitions are visible both in dancers own and in connection with following and watching dancers. Solos are presented with the light focus. When solos are over and general light comes, it feels relief! A great example of playfulness in dance. Yeah, why not?

Open Spaces #1-18, Tanzfabrik, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Choreografic method, Direction: Rosalinda Crisp

Dance: Sunniva Egenes, Anna Nowicka, Céline Debyser, Max Fossati, Maya Dalinsky, Elise Brewer, Naïma Ferra, Daniella Eriksson, Katharina Greimel, Naama Ityel, Ana Jelušić, Adriana Josipovic, Rhiannon Newton, Nikolina Komljenovic, Martyna Lorenc, Susanne Martin, Diethild Meier, Andreas Müller, Lisa Nilsson, Benni Pohlig, Rain Saukas, Alexis Steeves, Ute Vetter, Kasia Wolinska

Technical management, Light: Marco Wehrspann

Artistic cooperation: Andrew Morrish

A production by Tanzfabrik Berlin

*This writing series is a collection of Müge Olacak during her research in Berlin, 2018.

Cover photo resource: Tanzforum Berlin

Body photos resource: Tanzfabrik Berlin