Okuma süresi: 2 dakika

Black light, a covered something down on the ground hanging from a crane arm. This something is moving under cover. Until it comes out, 1/3 of whole period. 2/3 part, dim light image; a robot looking at audience, looking, moving up and down with its arm. 3/3, a robot arm on the back of the performer. He is bend-over on the ground. Robot is continuously touching him, like a whipping move. He is coming closer to audience. So slow. We even did not get when he came all close. Mainly, moving arms and down and a generous move show head, neck and shoulders.


Is this a kind of butoh or improvisation performance? Who is moving under the cover? If this is a performance with AI, is it a robot? Are the moves connected with blue light? Who is controlling? Is it independent? Is this a whole robot performance or is there a human body out there? Is an arm robot or no? Do we need robots for performances? Is it an object or a partner? Is it controlling him or does he have any effect on its moves? What is the relationship between them? Is it a he or she? Does this matter?

Valuable contribution to development of integration AI into performance world. Keep digging. Keep searching. Keep moving.

Corpus Nil: Eingeweide by Marco Donnarumma, CTM 2018 Turmoil Festival, February 2018, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany


Concept, music, programming, robotics, light, performance: Marco Donnarumma
Stage and choreography: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere
Robotics visual design and costume: Ana Rajcevic
Robotics 3D modelling and engineering: Christian Schmidt
Artistic consultancy: Margherita Pevere
Live audio mastering: Dadub Studio
Additional programming: Alberto de Campo
Scientific partner: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Beuth Hochschule
Light technology: Protopixel

*This writing series is a collection of Müge Olacak during her research in Berlin, 2018.

Cover photo from Marco Donnarumma web site.