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A photograph is narrative both of a moment and situated in there. A visible is an image in a picture which arrives to view through the light. Audience exposition in what occurs their viewpoint about a photograph which actualizes relation between audience and image.

Light convey things to our point of view which an area of our sight reached. A sight allocates not a whole world but our seeing area. Indeed, a light attains from our eye to things and then it conveys from visible area to our view. When light stroll among beings for identify both together and separately, their qualities become stable a moment which their colors, forms, novelties, off-colors, and the other qualities. The light visit to our view about the unique moment. We could notice that, when we look the same area, a situation change of location and quantity of things, after shooting a photo in a moment. Because of the sight stable as an image during a few seconds.

Frank Machalowski, Multiexpo 100 Series

This photo was shooted by Frank Machalowski which the composition is shooted 100 times consecutively and is combined all of them. He said about the photo that he uses this technique because of wants to know the heart, the form of composition.

Along with developing the professional camera, as we shoot the photo that effect of a lot of technique decrease. These techniques could be exampled what be could viewpoint that which we stand a point, which we live and what we live at a time in a day. Even if we hold a position, we can take a photo as stand another point. In this concept, we can’t find a relation between our standing position and our taking picture.

Luigi Ghirri – Works in Exhibition – Matthew Marks Gallery

A photographer can take a photograph that many different parts and the parts can be bounded which can see Luigi Ghirri’s study. The study is seen as a whole, and preferably, the parts are seen a whole through abreast a lot of parts. When an only second study is seen, viewers don’t come to mind existing another parts possibility.

If we try to understand about the light on a photograph, we focus a changeability in our understanding with relation to the quantity of light on the image. In during we stand in shadow location, we shoot a photo which could be included shining thing with an effect of lights of the sun. The season is understood different despite the real season. Because the relation conveys from the things to our eyes which between an image and an inferred image as a light.

Rhiannon Adam, Dreamlands, Wastelands, Her study which composition with more than 80 photograph

Besides, this conveys repeat quantity of different frame of our mind perception-ability, in the course of a photographer looks to the same concept. A frame is sent to our sight as a concept together with a light of the sun which contain a stable moment. So when we focus through a camera, become stable to a concept in the screen of a lens. The unique frame includes understood things of an image. An area, in other words, a concept which has sighted many different perspective possibilities that is a photography frame has stably sighted in a moment of press a shutter.

James Guerin, His study which is made with 25 pinhole

The unique of a photograph has been stable with contains, in the meantime, a picture exists while it is reached. Lookers to a photo frame see through own understanding. In this way, a unique moment reaches to ours through a photo. We perceive to a picture through mean and thought of our world. Viewing content differs from our perceive. This dissimilarity has derived from the difference between narrative on photo and happening and a fact of our life. Million people can see and understand the picture and thus a unique moment is interpreted million different concepts. A sighted of the image on photo reach through people self-interpret.