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Limelight Collective, with a strong and flowing technical and physical movement capability amazed me tonight. Defining themselves as a collective that keeps Christian tradition, it was like being in a fable with costumes, narrative and singing. Apart from what belief it is, religion is a form of spirituality and effects the movement in a more fluid way. The choreograph with the dancers and production team, they made the best out of space with a huge column right in the center of the space. Moving around the column adds liquidity to whole of the performance while including audience around the movement. Having a center, dancers around it and audience around dancers. All set up is based on circles of movement. Classical ballet and modern dance figures so visible and for me this gives strong taste of aesthetics to keep audience awake with the pleasure. Consequently, without having a any religious bonds or even not believing the story of a dragon as a monster; seeing the spiritual effect on physical forms is the interestingly pleasurable outcome of this evening.

A Third of the Stars (The Limelight Collective) is presented as a part of Performing Arts Festival Berlin, June, 2018

Choreographer/Director: Shaw Coleman

Choreographic Assistant: Melody Stowe

Musik: Daniel Matzeit, Max Richter, Raidan, Twisted Jukebox, Anon

Technical Director: Aaron Knettle

Dancers: Melody Stowe, Brittany Young, Carlos Ruiz, Kieran Mitchell, Sho Nakasatomi

Singers: Holly Risinger, Markus Weber

Photos: Limelight Collective