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Finding yoga jobs online was once a tricky task that required a lot of time and effort. Luckily, Yoga Travel Jobs arrived on the scene to create an online platform which makes it easy to find the very best jobs and work-trade opportunities around the world.

Yoga Travel Jobs also provides a space for wellness practitioners to connect and advance in both their careers and lives.

Incredible Yoga Jobs

It’s so easy to find your dream teaching job on the Yoga Travel Jobs website, as they list a huge selection of opportunities from all corners of the globe. There’s a handy search feature which allows members to search for jobs based on specific keywords, location or category.

All jobs are either marked as paid, work-trade or volunteer positions, so you can quickly see if a job meets your requirements. There are work-trade opportunities where room and all meals are typically provided in exchange for work, and sometimes additional perks, such as training or surf lessons are thrown in too. There are also volunteer opportunities which allow you to develop your teaching skills, and often help a good cause.

It’s not just yoga teachers that will benefit from becoming a Yoga Travel Jobs member, the platform has a selection of yoga-related jobs, so masseurs, fitness instructors, marketers and content creators will all find valuable opportunities here too.

A Close-Knit Community

As well as the work opportunities, Yoga Travel Jobs have a wonderful community of yoga-lovers of all ages and backgrounds. When you sign up to the site you will receive a profile, and have the ability to share photos and content. You can also browse and connect with others, and meet your tribe.

There are specialized groups, where you can chat about topics that you are interested in, and you can even create your own groups.

Knowledge and Inspiration

If a job section and uplifting community weren’t enough, Yoga Travel Jobs go above and beyond by providing educational and inspirational articles, interviews from some of the most successful names in the industry, as well as a weekly podcast. They accept content from members, so if you have a yoga-related story you want to share with the world, this could be an excellent platform for you.

Become a Member

Becoming a Yoga Travel Jobs member is so easy, and it will take less than a minute to create your account. Simply click on the ‘register’ button and you will be taken to the membership sign-up page.

There are two options for new members: a Yoga Visa and a Yoga Passport. A Yoga Visa is completely free, and it will allow you to create a profile, share content and connect with others. A Yoga passport will give you 1-year premium membership with access to contact information for all of the jobs listed. A one-year passport costs €19, and there is a two-year option available for €28.

To all readers of Gaia Dergi, Yogatraveljobs offers a wonderful opportunity with a discounted price as A one-year passport costs €15, and there is a two-year option available for €20. This is a special promotion valid until the end of the year 2017. Just use the coupon “gaiadergi839” when signing up for a Yoga Passport.

From the amazing opportunities to the caring community, Yoga Travel Jobs is a valuable resource for anyone in the wellness field. Many people join just to look for a job and end up making lifelong friends.