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We read history books. There was a dark period first, in the history of humankind. Then the stone comes to stone, then the ages which are called with different mines. We come to the invention of agriculture, from there to the plague epidemic in the middle ages, the resistance of science and the industrial revolution. But they never tell us about the most fascinating profession of history. It is the profession that will show exactly what the word “humanity” means.

“The first tool that a person uses is another human”, says Hakan Günday. You think of “civilizations” established in history, reading this sentence. When three people came together, how they struggle for the leadership. If you do not meet a need or motive, you see how people change things like chemical substances. You see how a community kills weak people when they are hungry, if they can not kill people, how they end the animals’s lives. You can understand how they did or forced to use the first instrument, first tool if they can’t meet a motive that they thought themselves as “continuation of generation”. And how it turned out as a profession.

Slut Walk-2015

The first profession of human generation was neither shepherd nor farming. The first profession of the human race; was prostituation. Prostituation has always reshaped, always performed for something else, but the approach towards it, has never changed. It is always used as a symbol of class difference, over how the woman uses her body. Men created this insult, and this profession created by men’s wars and power struggles. Behavior, insult, profession created by men, women entered the mold. These behaviors repeated every period of history, never changed.

The description of Foucault is summarized as “The history of sexuality, is also the history of the prohibitions.” The body, the first production tool of man, was actually not recognized at first by any progressive doctrine. A bearded rebel who claimed that the working class had nothing to lose besides their chains, and that possessed the conscience of humankind. In fact, the approach that sticked in our eyes, comes across of us at any field.

In the Turkish dictionary, the word “bitch” has two meanings; 1- Prostitute. 2- Low moral woman. When we think of its place in historical evolution, we can clearly see that it is the only species of animal that hides morality in the groin. “Morality” means a “value” that tells us about how many different persons a woman haves sex, whether there is a bond between them or not, and whether it had been spilled on a contract or not, always for our ancestors. Our ”divine” so-called moral values, can only produce a humiliation and judicial activities about whores that always faces with insults, abuses and rape.

But we always should use some parts of our body since we were born. We have always waited in the cold of the morning for assembly in the prisons called “school”, to rub our fractured hands with each other, in order to be a professional on something. But sex has never been seen as a normal act, and every word uttered by authority over this action as natural as eating and discharging has settled within the community where the woman is. Women were always on the other pages of history. Their bodies could be used as a means of production different from men, and depending to the level of ”difficulty” of touching it, women could be “cheap” and “good quality”.

Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

The “men power” that dominated on other animal species and marketed them under different labels, had also choose to marketing the women, which he flattered and insulted depending on the circumstances, with different circulation values. It could have been a “lady” you could spend a life with, in a gentle description, in the eyes of those who sees words as a criterion, or it could be ”woman” which you can feed your sexual instincts. She was always the same woman and in fact she was like a man; The same generation, has the same instincts, can be considered equally as ”good” or ”bad”. But it had to be the ”mother” or the ”whore”, the middle between them has never been found.

Today is the day of the first profession of history. You can call it as “sex workers day” and celebrate it and consider the rights and difficulties faced by a labour community, or call it ”whores day” and use it to measure values to the women with your own understanding. This label that you use as insult has always been fit to the opressed ones. You can fit it and make ’em wear that with measuring the mold.

All the immorals, faggots and whores of the World, unite! You have nothing to lose, but the moral norms which has been covered upon you. But you have a history to win.

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