Iron Sculls Co (SPA), in Sinestesia, with camouflage costumes and gas masks, show identical image without any gender differentiated or personal roles. They carry a strong physical quality and technic by being both strong and soft at the same time; with full body strength, flexibility, mindful presence and contentment. We could catch some differentiated moves of dancers which are visible without masks at the end of the performance as a Hip-Hop battle in a harmonic, respectful atmosphere. Indifferent costume, choreography and dramaturgy make the piece like a smooth flowing wave on the stage throughout the performance. Light design supports main focus and the story behind the piece, “a post-apocalyptic world where, through experimental dance, a group of survivors is formed and begins a journey toward safety”, in their words.

Purple Dance Festival, Berlin, Germany, January 2018

Photo by David Brock
Copyright: Iron Skulls


Direction & Choreography: Iron Skulls Co.

Premiere: June 7th, 2014 at “FACYL Festival”, Salamanca, Spain

Performers: Adrián Vega, Facu Martín, Héctor Plaza ‘Buba”, Diego Garrido, Moisés’ Moe”, Luis Muñoz, Agnés Sales

Lights: Petar Tanev