Okuma süresi: 2 dakika

If you are looking for the new art movement of today, look at colors. 25 people on stage, of different colors, with different colors, ages, heights, sizes, voices, interests, dresses… Dj plays 19 famous songs from various times of pop history. Performers are staff members and friends of Volksbühne Berlin, reinterpreted the piece ‘The show must go on’ by enactments according to songs. Audience enjoys so much, laughs all around. So, why not colorful, playful, sincere and from us pieces the 21st century art movement in contemporary dance? This show has been going on for 17 years already. Dj plays La Macarena. 25 performers play it in different ways on one stage, in harmony at the same time by their own intentions to move, stand, look, jump, turn and move on.

‘The show must go on’, by Jerome Bel, Volksbühne, Berlin, February 2018

Concept, director: Jérôme Bel

Performers: Joannis Bacharis, Benedict Breen, Daria Cheremisinova, Vanessa Cocaric, Philip Decker, Celia Garcia Arenas, Marie Goyette, Nuria Höyng, Leane Israfilova, Howard Katz, Julita Le Roux-Cocheril, Andreas Lossau, Stephanie Maher, Reza Mirabi, Ewa Mostowiec, Cathrin Schierenbeck, Marie Schleef, Antje Schulz, Anne Tismer, Koffi Mawuena Tschao, Martin Vella, Ahmed Ziyad

Music by Leonard Bernstein, David Bowie, Nick Cave, Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox, J. Horner, W.Jennings, Mark Knopfler, John Lennon and Paul Mac Cartney, Louiguy, Galt Mac Dermott, George Michael, Erick “More” Morillo and M. Quashie, Edith Piaf, The Police et Hugh Padgham, Queen, Lionel Richie, A.Romero Monge and R. Ruiz, Paul Simon


*This writing series is a collection of Müge Olacak during her research in Berlin, 2018.

Photo credit: Volksbühne Berlin