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Everyday Is a Festival: 18th-21st June, Attaleia Psychedelic Music Festival


I think madness should be accepted as a compliment. Because, anyone who thinks outside of the box is labelled as mad at least once. Besides, it is not only in our age. Think about the people who makes his/her own mark in the history, the people that we are using their inventions, the people that we are quoting their words, the people that we directly notice their paintings even we have ne interest in painting. Each of them is a mad for their own age. They were doing nonsense and they were living in as if completely different reality. Actually, they do not care about the “mad” labels of others. The ones who were bothered of others people’s becoming mad are the ones who says “You are mad!”. They were bothered because they do not want a different person among them. There is no place var marginality in the herd. Who is the marginal? I am not. Are you?

If we put aside the precious people whose names became brands of the world civilization, each of us is an artist, an inventor. We design, compose, draw and paint our lives. Be careful when you realize that the act of living is an art, a production! A quarter to marginality… Where does the rope break? The time when you realize that you have the ultimate freedom when you are drawing your life table… In other words, the time when you realize that the borders like you shouldn live like that and you should not do like that are all imaginary… Just as the futurists, cubists, and all the others who realize that rules are imaginary and make themselves real. Like Galileo who comes to the church and says “Earth is round!”… I am telling that I think we are all Galileo’s of our own lives. I think? “They say there is no problem if ‘I think’. Just think at that margin. Just do not take action.” No sir, go away please. Here is my canvas and brush. Will you excuse me? Because I will paint my life. Then they label you. “She/he has always been a little mad.”

Where do we come here? Oh, everyday is a festival for us. That is the point. For example, this should be one of the advantages of being mad. You can choose that how many days you can celebrate the festival. My world, my reality. Let’s draw a festival here!

Okay, everything is great but there is a problem. Once for all, Aristo did not wrong when he said “Human is a social animal.” People wants to see mads like them. They want to meet and chill. Mads and the ones who feel like mad, psychedelic is great, won’t you come?

We will live the rhtyhm of psychedelic music which does not draw borders in Attaleia Music Festival. And what’s more, in Antalya, Koprulu Canyon! When? It is exactly after “the festival of others”. So, what about a short talk with the organizators of this brand new festival?

It says “This is a Psychedelic Forces event.” in the event page. First of all, what kind of a formation is this Psychedelic Forces? Can you talk about that? Do you have any event that you realize beforehand?

Özen Turan: The first organization of Pscyhedelic Forces is Attaelia Psytrance Gathering. It is the outcome of the enlightenment after a travel to Far East three years ago. The travel that I went on my own make me unite with the other people who are on the same path as me and we all constitute of light workers of the compostion and dream of Attaleia Festival. We are the workers that unite for turning the light and the energy from all around the world. As a general, We all believe that our dream will come true with Pscyhedelic Forces,that is the main reason of our setting off.

How do you take the decision of realizing this festival? How does it come?

Seyfullah Kalay: Psychedelic meeting and parties have been realized for years in our country but as for me, this geography and culturel background are not introduced enough. I think we are lacking and we fall behind when I see the countries who do not have as the same cultural heritage as us but they announce their names with their festivals to the world.

Last year, when we think and plan about this festival composition our priority is the geography, weather and the history of the area and the cultural background of the place of the festival. We choose the name of the festival and set off accordingly.

Attalelia Festival will be realised for the first time this year. Yet, you made two pre-events as an outdoor party in Ağva and indoor party. If you are to make an evaluation, how was these events? What do you experience?

Seyfullah Kalay: Actually, the first event that Attaleia organizations were born for the name of Psychedelic Forces and the current team was united is Sarsala Bay Psytrance meeting. (The meeting that is organied in Sarsala Bay in March is not ours.) Also, Sarsala meeting was my first psychedelic experience. Even I organized shamanic meetings and various campings, I try to reflect the energy and the spirit that I have been dreaming in Salsala for the first time.

The energy of the Ağva event glamorise all of us. Participation is higher than expected and all the feedbacks are so positive. That situtation has also couraged us. Herewith, it helps us to get ready to the festival better and it becomes a great experience for us.

I should say that indoor party was organized precipitately. Yet, the mass that we reached and the energy of the party still enchances me. After the event, I asked myself “Why we didn’t plan it before?”

You know realizing a festival require a great colloboration. Do you any crew to help you at this point?

Seyfullah Kalay: Firts of all, there is Ayata Festival who helps us with their designs, also there are many friends who helps us both moral and material support but they want to stay unseen. There is a huge voluntary crew that is countless.

So, what kind of a music style will be in the festival? Can you say that is intense or something for everyone? Who will be in line up?

Dj Ozi Soulfly: I can start answering by saying that we will have two stages. There is no especially one music style. With psychedelic music, Chill&Techno, alternative electro music will feed our souls.

In Line Up, there will be internationally-known productors like Talamasca, Tropical Bleyage, E-mov, Nirmal with us. However, there are also leading productors and djs of Turkey with us.

I can’t help saying that Koprulu Canyon is a great place. There is another topic that everyone is curious about. What is the reason of the timing? It is after the religious festival (Ramadan) and it’s weekdays. Why do you choose to realize the festival in the weekdays?

Seyfullah Kalay: As I said before, place and cultural background are essentials of this composition. That is why you cannot choose an ordinary place for it. Because of the elections and festival holidays, we stuck between these two dates. This surely affects participation but we cannot make concessions to our project.

So, do you plan realizing Attaleia Festival annually or these plans are just for this year?

Seyfullah Kalay: Yes, we do. We activated our written plan after Sarsala meeting. We do outdoor events and pre events in some cities as this year. We have a dream to make Attaleia Psytrance Festival classic in June in the same place. We want to make an event in Ukraine if we manage our current projecy.

Do you want to say something to participants about the festival?

Umut Buğra Mızrak: Energy of the participants are the most important criteria of the festival. We will surely make them have an unbelievable experience.

Last question, what does “psychedelic” word mean for you? How do you complete the sentence “I am making a psychedelic event because…”

Seyfullah Kalay: We are making a psychedelic event because the road that we set off ,starting in shamanic campings and formed, in order to make our mutual dream and aims known by masses and the wotrld is the psychedelic stage itself.

Translation: Nazlınur Karaağaçlı


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